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Charles Ingham Bandroom

  • Sep 28 / 2017
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Charles Ingham Bandroom

Charles Ingham Bandroom

Charlie’s Band Room Dream

Charles Ingham was a local lad who lived and worked in Marple and had a passion for brass bands.

He was a member of Marple Band and worked tirelessly to keep the band going through good times and bad. He shivered and sweated through rehearsals in all manner of halls, sheds and function rooms. Right up until his death in 1985, it was his abiding wish that the band should have a real home of its own.

Charlie’s dream has now become a reality. With the culmination of decades of hard work and a huge task of fund-raising, the new band room has now been completed. It opened in March 2014 and is now in constant use by both The Marple and Hawk Green Bands.

In honour of The Charles Ingham Band Room being opened in the Marple Memorial Park, a musical tribute has been composed to Charlie and the band room – The Charles Ingham Band Room March.

Listen below.

The Charles Ingham Band Room March



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