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  • Sep 08 / 2017
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A Brief History

The Marple Brass Band was founded in 1900 and included reed instruments in its early days.  There have been many ups and downs of musical fortune in times past, but its more recent history included appearances at the Royal Albert Hall in the National Brass Band Championship Finals in 1994 and a wonderful win at the British Open Brass Band Championship in 1996 at the Bridgewater Hall.

The current band has recently started contesting again and in March 2013 became the North West 3rd Section Regional Champions. We then competed at the National finals in Cheltenham in September 2103.  The band has now been promoted to the second section at national level and again competed in the North West Regional contest in March 2014, attaining a very creditable 2nd placement. The band is again taking part at the National finals, this time as a 2nd section band.  We also compete in the Whit Friday March Contest which means dashing around the small Saddleworth and Tameside villages in a 50 seater coach to compete at around 8 or 9 events.


2018          Morley March & Hymn Contest, Winners, 2nd section, S. Curtis

2017          Dewsbury Annual Open, 2nd prize, 2nd second, S. Curtis, “Connotations for Brass Band”   Listen Here

2015          Promotion to 1st Section

2014          National Finals, Winners, 2nd Section, S. Groark-Booth, “Traversada”   Listen Here

2014          NW Regional, 2nd prize, 2nd Section, L Webb, “Chaucer’s Tunes”

2014          Promotion to 2nd Section

2013          National Finals, 14th, 3rd Section, L Webb, ” Penlee”

2013          NW Regional, Winners, 3rd Section, L Webb, “Hollywood”

2007          Whit Friday, 15th Overall Tameside, S Groarke

2006          Whit Friday, unplaced, H Taylor.

2005          Whit Friday, 3rd Lydgate, S Groarke

2004          Whit Friday, unplaced, A Jenkins

2004          Band re graded Second Section.

2004          Regular rehearsals resumed, once per week with small band.

2002          Regular rehearsals suspended, VP and Xmas Concerts continue.

2001          British Open, 18th, D Beckley, “Les Preludes”

2000          Millennium Concert, A Berryman, G Cutt, Old Gits Band

2000          British Open, 22nd, D Hirst, “Ceremony”


1999           British Open, 12th, G Cutt, “Dove Descending”

1998           British Open, 5th, G Cutt, Diversions on a Bass Theme”

1997            British Open, 11th, G Cutt, “Whitsun Wakes” (Jan 98)

1996            British Open, Winners, G Cutt, “Severn Suite”

1995            British Open, 11th, D Broadbent, “Revelation”

1994            National Finals Albert Hall, 8th, G Cutt, “Theme and Co Operation”

1994            British Open, 4th, D Broadbent, “Salamander”

1994            NW Area, 2nd, Championship Section, G Cutt, “Partita”

1994            The Martell Grand National, Afternoon Concert at Aintree.

1993            British Open, 4th, G Cutt, “Masquerade”

1992            British Open, 4th, G Cutt, “Cloudcatcher Fells”

1991            British Open, 11th, GCutt, “Pagannini Variations”

1990            British Open, 14th, G Cutt, “Le Roi d’Ys”

1989            Buxton Contest, Winners A Section, G Cutt, “Trittico” 12 points clear.

1989            Grand Shield, 2nd, G Cutt, “Trittico”

1988            National Finals, Winners, 2nd Section, G “Cutt, Sunrise”

1988            NW Area, Winners, 2nd Section, G Cutt, “Royal Parks”

1986            National Finals, Winners, 3rd Section, G Cutt, “Fanfare and Variations”

1986            NW Area, Winners 3rd Section, G Cutt, “Suite in Bb”

1982            Garry Cutt appointed Musical Director

1982            Buxton Contest, Winners, B Section, G Cutt, “Egmont”

1982            Vice Presidents concert conducted by Garry Cutt

1982            Marple Brass formed as a feeder band.

1982            Falklands Concert conducted by Harry Mortimer

1980            Bryan Warrington appointed conductor.

1980            Stead and Nelson Memorial Fund started for Buxton Contest.

1978            Brian Stead appointed conductor

1977            National Finals 3rd Section, Unplaced,.

1977            NW Area, 3rd Section, 3rd “Introduction and Allegro”

1977            Alec Ashworth appointed conductor

1974            National Finals 4th Section, Unplaced, “Youth Salutes a Master”

1974            Belle Vue, Winners 4th Section, “Everybody’s Child”

1974            NW Area, Winners 4th Section, “Four Little Maids”

1971            Sponsored March for new instrument fund

1971            Started Bier Keller’s at Marple Baths

1970            Morris McLean appointed Conductor

1970            Manchester BBA Contest, 2nd, “London River”

1963            Band reformed by Charlie Ingham and Eddie Close

1958            Band suspended, instruments loaned to Marple Willows School

1949            Re formed after the war

1900            Banding started in Marple

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